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The trend Magazine DPI from Taiwan has elected The Work Style Magazine one of the best worldwide magazines.

Work Style Creative Talks 2013

We concluded the serie of Creative Talks for this year was on October 28 at Beste SpA. We rolled through many miles between Switzerland and the North of Italy throughout the year. We have met many professionals and workers who gave us their sparks, ideas and opinions, to get to the conclusion that maybe, scientific principles are truly applicable in a company’s organization. We want to thank all those people that took part in our initiative and enlivened our Talks.

A special thanks to all the companies who hosted and supported us in this path:


  • Beste SpA (PO, Italy), 
  • Faulhaber Minimotor (Croglio, Switzerland),
  • F38F (Milan, Italy),
  • Pini Swiss Engineers (Lugano, Switzerland),
  • Regazzi (Gordola, Switzerland),
  • Sandro Vanini (Rivera, Switzerland),
  • Tetrapak (Modena, Italy),
  • Thun (Bolzano, Italy),


2014 is coming up and so is the new serie of Creative Talks! For all information about these events visit our webpage or write to

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